Phase 5: The Time-Lost Legion

(Triggers when players approach Kalecgos and Chromie in the Gamesman’s Hall.)

Kalecgos says: You’re just in time! We’ve come across an impasse.
Chromie says: There’s a seal of some kind on these doors that we just can’t figure out.
Echo of Medivh appears.
Echo of Medivh says: Ahh, new players. Test your wits against mine if you wish to advance.
Tyrigosa says: We have no time for games!
Kalecgos says: We might not have a choice, Tyri.

(Kalecgos offers the following quest.)

Quest: Play the Game

I’ve spoken with both Chromie and Tyri, and none of us have any idea what this game before us even is.

If it were a giant Hearthstone board, we’d be fine, but of course it’s not something that simple.

We’ll be here to assist you if necessary, but if this shade requires us to play his game, that task falls to you.

[Chromie, Kalecgos, and Tyrigosa offer color commentary during the chess game.]

When Echo of Medivh cheats:
Kalecgos says: Hey! That’s not fair!
Chromie says: That’s overpowered! Nerf guardians!

When the players defeat a pawn:
Tyrigosa says: No, you fools! Kill the one in the dress!
Kalecgos says: I don’t think that helped very much…

When the players defeat a Human Conjurer or Orc Warlock:
Tyrigosa: Why can’t there be at least one female piece on this board?
Chromie: Hear, hear!

Upon completion of the chess game:

Echo of Medivh says: Excellent. You have passed all of my tests. Speak to me if you wish to brave the upper reaches.

(Echo of Medivh offers the following quest.)

Quest: Echoes of the Legend

With all of the time and space anomalies corrupting this tower, an eredar prince from somewhere in time has been able to crack open a portal that the Guardian thought sealed. If a demon of his power were to access the tower, it could spell doom for all of Azeroth.

The entrance is not yet large enough for the prince himself to enter, but he has been able to push fleshbeasts through, which have fed on the residual energy of the Guardian’s essence in his chambers. Collect that essence, and I can aid you in stopping the prince’s advance.

Objective: Collect Essences of the Guardian from fleshbeasts in Medivh’s Chambers. 

Upon completion:

Echo of Medivh whispers: Meet me at the pinnacle of the tower. Your friends and I await you.

[At the pinnacle of the tower, the Echo of Medivh is channeling a spell while Chromie and Kalecgos fight against more of the fleshbeasts. Tyrigosa, in her dragon form, flies around the pinnacle, occasionally breathing ice to freeze the fleshbeasts in place.]

Echo of Medivh says: Heroes, speak with me, quickly! The prince will break through soon!

(Echo of Medivh offers the following quest.)

Quest: The Final Defense

If we want to ensure that the prince cannot breach the tower, we must activate one of the original Titan defenses. As a shade I cannot do it myself, but you will be able to access it. Go to the lighthouse furnace just below us; the control panel for the defense system is hidden there.

Objective: Activate the Titan defense panel in the Lighthouse furnace.

[If the player completed the “Meeting with the Maiden” bonus objective, then Brann will meet the players in the lighthouse room, which triggers the following emote:]

Brann Bronzebeard says: Don’ worry! I’ll have this system up an’ runnin’ in no time! Help’s on the way!

[If the player did not complete the bonus objective, then the room will be filled with fleshbeasts that will need to be cleared before the panel is accessible.]

Upon completion:

Echo of Medivh says: Excellent work! Speak with me, there is little time left!

Portfolio: The Legend of the Tower
Previous phase: The Far Reaches of Madness
Previous Bonus Objective: Ythyar’s Betrayal
Next phase: Good Night, Sweet Prince


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