Phase 4: The Far Reaches of Madness

Tyrigosa says: Well, we could try to find our way up through this labyrinth…
Tyrigosa tinkers with the Curator.
Tyrigosa says: Or we can take a shortcut. Hop on!

Objective: Drive the Curator up through the Library. Destroy Shades for a speed boost!

When the Curator reaches the final platform before encountering the Ethereal Thieves, it overloads on excess mana. Tyri and the players are thrown off.

Tyrigosa says: Oh no, it’s going to explode!
Tyrigosa transforms in to her dragon form.
Tyrigosa yells: Stand back!
Tyrigosa breathes mystical ice and freezes the Curator in a giant ice block.
Tyrigosa says: Whew! That was close…
Ethereal Thief yells: There’s the dragon! Take it down!
Tyrigosa yells: Gah!

The players fight off the ethereals with Tyrigosa’s help. She assumes her blood elf disguise again.

Tyrigosa says: Thank you. Whatever those ethereals hit me with has me a little queasy…
Tyrigosa says: … but what are they doing here? Urgghh…
Tyrigosa vomits onto the floor. A wisp flies out of her and flits upstairs.
Tyrigosa says: … ugh. No, I… I’m fine. We have to figure out how the ethereals got in here. Let’s go!

The players continue to fight through ethereals. Tyrigosa will occasionally vomit again after combat, and a wisp will spawn from her and fly towards the Observatory.

When you approach the door to the Gamesman’s Hall, Ythyar appears from a portal.

Tyrigosa says: Stay where you are, ethereal!
Ythyar says: Oh wonderful. The local fleshlings are upset.
Tyrigosa says: How were you able to enter this tower?
Ythyar says: I can give you that answer in exchange for something. Nothing is free.
Ythyar considers something.
Ythyar says: … well, I suppose I could just leave. That wouldn’t cost you anything…
Ythyar says: … but I’d hate to have wasted my time here with nothing to show for it.
Tyrigosa whispers: We need to know how they got in. See what he wants.
The door to the Gamesman’s Hall opens.
Chromie yells: Hey heroes! We need your assistance in here!

[Note that the players can choose to advance into the Gamesman’s Hall without speaking to Ythyar.]

[If a player speaks to Ythyar, however, he offers this gossip pane:]

There is one thing I’m interested in here.

(Option #1): I’m listening…
(Option #2): Not interested.

[Selecting Option #1 will unlock the bonus objective. Selecting Option #2 simply closes the dialogue.]


Portfolio: The Legend of the Tower
Previous phase: Breadcrumbs in Time
Previous Bonus Objective: Meeting with the Maiden
Next Bonus Objective: Ythyar’s Betrayal
Next phase: The Time-Lost Legion


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