Phase 3: Breadcrumbs in Time

(Triggers after Chromie appears. Chromie offers the following quest.)

Quest: Breadcrumbs in Time

There is some kind of temporal anomaly wrapped up in this tower, but I can’t pinpoint a single source for it.

I can sense that there are several items that seem to be linked with the anomaly, but unless I can examine those objects closely, I don’t think I can figure this out.

I’ll focus on looking for clues here. You heroes search some of the upper levels of the library and see if anything jumps out at you. This should help!

[Chromie casts Timewalker’s Vision on the party, which enables the visual indicators for the item locations.]

Objective: Locate clues to the cause of the temporal disturbance.

[Each of the following four items can be acquired before starting this phase with Chromie. Any items that haven’t been acquired yet when the phase starts will have bouncing indicators to show where they can be located.]

[Aran’s Signet] (Drops off Shade of Aran)

Use: Give this item to Chromie to examine for temporal anomalies.

Chromie says: Helloooooo, what do we have here?
Chromie examines Aran’s Signet closely.
Shade of Aran appears.
Shade of Aran yells: Who are you? What do you want? STAY AWAY FROM ME!
Chromie says: Whoa!
Chromie stops time and fiddles with the signet ring.
Shade of Aran vanishes.
Chromie says: This shade is incredibly powerful, given how long he’s been dead.
Chromie says: I’ll need to do some research. Give me a minute…
A book appears before Chromie.
Chromie says: Oh wow, I wrote a whole book on this? Thanks future me!

[Ogre-Written Missive] (Drops off Shadow Pillagers at 100% rate)

This item can be read:

<The message is written in very large script for the size of the parchment, which is made of talbuk skin.>


With that impudent human wizard out of the way, the magical power of Karazhan is ours to command. But you must move quickly; the “Warchief” is growing frantic and suspicious since Master Gul’dan fell unconscious, and the Doomhammer is asking too many questions.

Do not return until you have drawn every secret out of that tower! Your reward when the Master awakens will be great…

— Cho’gall

Upon approaching Chromie with this item:

Chromie says: These Shadow Council guys either survived unnoticed in the tower for over thirty years…
Chromie says: … or they just got here, and we’re in the past…
Chromie says: Look, time is my thing and even I’m getting a headache, so don’t feel bad.

[Blood-stained Diary]: Lootable object in Terestian Illhoof’s room

This item can be read:

(Page 1)

Day 1

With this new form granted to me by the Great One, I will do His works. No longer am I Terestian Pineshadow. I am now Terestian Illhoof, and I have a new life. The Light of a Thousand Moons has ordered me to seek new sources of power in the distant east, and that is where I shall go.

(Page 2)

Day 35

I have located a mysterious tower in an odd, lifeless canyon, southwest of the Hidden Grove. It radiates a strange energy, and has resisted my attempts to enter. Certainly there is a wellspring of power beneath this tower that our Queen will want under her control.

(Page 3)

Day —

I have lost track of the days since the Sundering broke the world into pieces. However, my mission is now that much more important. If the Well of Eternity has been destroyed, then this tower may be the only way to ensure the Great One’s egress into our world. I will double my efforts.

(page 4)

<The handwriting is much more erratic than on previous pages.>

My nightmare began when I finally breached the tower. I did battle with a great bronze statue of a goddess, and though I fought with all the magic granted to me by the Great One, it was not enough, and I was crushed. I felt my last breath leave me…

… but later I awoke within the tower, my body whole. I encountered a warrior, not of any kaldorei stock but smaller, with pink skin, clad in armor and wielding powers like a Priestess of the Moon. We fought, and this time I succeeded, and sacrificed his soul to the Great One in tribute. However, the bronze statue found me again, and exhausted from my fight with the warrior, I was killed again.

(page 5)

It has become clear that I cannot die. Or that I am truly dead and my spirit simply cannot leave this tower. Time is erratic here, and I see visions of people and events that I do not understand taking place before me in visions. I have lost track of the number of times I have dueled the warrior Dougan, or the number of times we have killed each other over the eternity we’ve spent within this place. Others have come and gone: an ancient human wizard, green-skinned warriors, trolls from mythic Zandalar, creatures of every shape and description, sometimes not appearing again for centuries at a time.

Though it has been some time since the bronze statue has troubled me. Curious.

(page 6)

I hold no illusions that I have any sanity left. Were it not for the name on the first page of this diary, I would have no proof that I existed before I entered this deathtrap. I sacrifice any thing I can find in the hopes that I will come in contact with the Great One somehow. Sometimes I sacrifice myself and fall on the circle, hoping that maybe before I expire I can free my spirit from this place.

And yet the cycle continues…

Upon approaching Chromie with this item:

Chromie says: Don’t worry, I’m a speed-reader. Saves so much time, you know.
Chromie says: Well, it’s possible that the Sundering knocked something about the tower out of time…
Chromie says: … but I don’t know of any other Titan structure that’s as weird about time.
Chromie says: And no, the Caverns of Time don’t count. They were just built that way.

[Khadgar’s Misplaced Quill] (Becomes lootable when all of the Magical Horrors and Mana Warps have been defeated.)

[Upon entering the circular room where the Magical Horrors and Mana Warps are located, a bar appears on the players’ UI. Players will also notice that a glowing feather floats in the center of the room.]

Raid Warning: Defeat the magical enemies to correct the temporal anomaly!

[As the enemies are defeated, the bar fills. Upon reaching 100%, the glow around the feather changes and it becomes lootable.]

[Khadgar’s Misplaced Quill]
Use: Unlock the memories trapped inside the quill.

Using the item within the Guardian’s Library summons a translucent Khadgar, who says one of several lines complaining about Medivh’s organizational habits.

Upon approaching Chromie with this item:

Chromie says: That’s right, Khadgar was Medivh’s apprentice, right?
Chromie says: Haven’t met him in person yet.
Chromie says: No, wait, there was that one time…
Chromie mumbles something unintelligible and her gaze wanders.

Upon collecting all four of the items:

Chromie says: Wait, that’s the key! Stand back!

[Cue a re-creation of Khadgar’s time spell from The Last Guardian…]

A young Khadgar appears.
Khadgar says: All right… amethyst circle, check…
Khadgar says: … powered rose quartz runes, check…
Khadgar says: Lucky conjuration robes… check…
Khadgar begins to cast a spell.
Khadgar: Bring me a vision. Bring me a vision of the young Medivh…
Khadgar’s eyes begin to glow.
Chromie stops time!
Chromie says: Khadgar just MADE UP a spell to scry through time? Then just CAST IT?
Chromie says: That explains everything!
Chromie says: Well, it doesn’t explain how to undo the temporal anomaly, but it’s a start!

(This grants completion credit and trigger Tyrigosa to appear.)

Tyrigosa says: If you’re all done mucking about the past, Chronormu, I’d like to explore the upper reaches.
Chromie says: Perfect timing, Princess! Go right ahead, I’ll catch up with you later.
Chromie waves and disappears.


Portfolio: The Legend of the Tower
Previous phase: Needles in the Stacks
Previous Bonus Objective: Meeting with the Maiden
Next phase: The Far Reaches of Madness


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