Phase 2: Needles in the Stacks

(Trigger: Tyrigosa, in her blood elf form, appears after the players defeat the Curator.)

Tyrigosa says: Greetings, friends. Kalec sent me to assist you in sorting out the Library.
Tyrigosa looks at the ruined Curator.
Tyrigosa says: Well, hopefully we can bring this automaton back online to help us out.
Tyrigosa extracts the Curator’s crystalline core.
Tyrigosa says: This core will let us peacefully deactivate the remaining guardians until we find a suitable replacement for the Curator.
Tyrigosa says: Let’s get to work, shall we?

The Curator’s Core becomes a usable item that one player channels on an Arcane Guardian/Protector mob while the other players engage it. Once it’s been brought to 50% health, the mob will deactivate and Tyrigosa will check to see if it’s a suitable host. 

Objective: Disable Arcane Guardians and Arcane Protectors until Tyrigosa re-activates the Curator.

(Tyri offers encouragement and color commentary as the players shut down the arcane golem mobs.)

[While completing this quest, the party will likely encounter a Chaotic Sentience/Mana Feeder pack. Killing a Chaotic Sentience triggers a stepping disk to appear. This is a clickable object shaped like the hover disks from the Malygos encounter.]

Tyrigosa says: Hmm. A stepping disk? This is short-range translocation magic, so it won’t take you far…

[Activating the stepping disk takes you to one of several random higher platforms within the Guardian’s Library. Activating it again at the destination will take you back to the point of origin. Killing other Chaotic Sentiences will unlock other stepping disks, which persist for the rest of the scenario. This allows for fast travel within the Guardian’s Library.]

The stepping disk destinations are as follows:

  1. The Magical Horror/Mana Warp room.
  2. The Shadow Pillagers room.
  3. The bottom of the ramp to Terrestian Illhoof’s room.
  4. The Spell Shade room in front of Shade of Aran’s chamber.
  5. Ythyar’s landing. (Note that if the players have not cleared all of Chromie’s tasks, this stepping disk will malfunction and do nothing. After Chromie’s objectives are cleared, this stepping disk will emote that something has changed, suggesting players use it.)

[Notably, the locations listed correspond with the locations of objects needed for Chromie’s objectives in Phase 3. If players choose to engage enemies in these area before speaking to Chromie, they’ll still acquire the items needed for her objectives.]

Upon disabling a suitable replacement:

Tyrigosa says: This one is perfect! Now stand back, everyone. Time for some magic.
Tyrigosa installs the crystalline core in the Arcane Guardian.
Arcane Guardian transforms into the Curator.
The Curator says: Curator online. Please state the nature of the magical research emergency.
Tyrigosa says: It’s going to take me some time to unravel what happened here, so sit tight.
Chromie says: While she’s chatting with the machine, I’ve got some work for you to do!
Tyrigosa says: Chronormu?! When did you get here?
Chromie says: I was here with you the whole time! Wasn’t I? Wait…
Chromie says: Well, it doesn’t matter, because I’m here and these heroes have got some time to kill!
Tyrigosa shrugs.
Chromie says: Kalecgos called me in to investigate the time weirdness around this tower.
Chromie says: The Bronze Flight always knew something was weird here, but Nozdormu forbade us from investigating until now.
Chromie says: So let’s get to the bottom of this!

Portfolio: The Legend of the Tower
Previous phase: The Last Testament of Arcanagos
Previous Bonus Objective: Meeting with the Maiden
Next phase: Breadcrumbs in Time


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