Phase 1: The Last Testament of Arcanagos

(Triggers upon entering the Gatehouse. Kalecgos, in his human form, offers the following quest.)

Quest: Another Scourge? 

The lower floors of the tower have all been infested with restless spirits. Some kind of malevolent force is keeping them here, and I think I know what that force is.

Regardless, these spirits can’t be allowed to linger. We might be too far from the Frozen Throne for the Lich King to control these undead, which means they pose a threat to the area.

For now, focus on convincing these spirits to move on. Some may have simple tasks for you to complete, but others might need to be more… forcibly persuaded.

Objective: Put Calliard, Hastings, Koren, Bennett, Berthold, Barnes, and Moroes to rest. 

Speaking to Calliard:

I can’t go off duty yet. Sir Attumen hasn’t even begun his nightly hunt. Once he’s back and I’ve taken care of Midnight… then maybe I can rest.

How I hate that malevolent, bloodthirsty horse.

Killing Attumen and Midnight causes Calliard to rest.

Speaking to Koren:

Well, I haven’t had any work aside from shoeing Midnight since… I can’t remember how long it’s been.

Now that Attumen and his monster are dead, I know I can pass on. But if you have anything that needs repair, I can linger long enough to do that. It’s the least I can do.

After speaking to Koren, he’ll be put to rest.

Speaking to Hastings:

The servants’ quarters are overrun with monsters! I’ve asked Bennett if he’ll bring the guard down here to manage them, but all he seems interested in doing is just drill after drill!

How the hell are any of us supposed to rest if there are monstrous spiders in our beds? Answer me that!

The players can engage the monsters themselves, and killing enough of the Coldmist Widows, Shadowbats, or Phase Hounds will cause the corresponding animal boss to appear.

[Alternatively, the players can speak to Bennett. If Bennett is engaged after Hastings has been spoken to, Bennett will rally the guard and lead them through the Scullery to the dumbwaiter, where they will jump down and begin clearing out the lesser animals, forcing a random animal boss to appear. If the players have already killed the animal boss before speaking to Bennett, he’ll lead his men down there anyway and fight whatever mobs may be there. Either way, both Bennett and Hastings are put to rest if the animal boss is dead.]

Speaking to Bennett (if Hastings has not been approached yet):

I cannot rest. Those green-skinned monsters could attack at any time and my men aren’t ready. I could drill them forever and they still wouldn’t be ready. I need to give them a fight!

Speaking to Bennett (after speaking to Hastings) unlocks a gossip option for the player:

(Q.) Hastings said there are monsters in the servants’ quarters. Would that do?

Bennett yells: Monsters? That’s perfect!
Bennett yells: To arms, men! To the dumbwaiter!

Speaking to Berthold:

I beg your pardon? I take my orders from precisely two individuals: the castellan Moroes and the Master of the Tower himself. If I am tasked to stand here for eternity on their orders, I shall do so until they release me from my service. And no sooner!

Berthold stays resolute until after Moroes is defeated.

Upon approaching Moroes:

Moroes says: Rest? Do you see all of these guests awaiting their audience with the Master?
Moroes says: As a matter of fact, that reminds me; you don’t appear to be on the guest list.

Moroes and the other guests engage in combat.

Upon Moroes’ defeat:

Moroes says: At last, I am released from my service…
Berthold appears in the Banquet Hall.
Berthold says: Moroes is… dead?
Berthold says: I suppose that makes me the Steward until the Master returns.
Berthold says: Someone should tell Barnes to start the entertainment then.

Note that when players pass by the entrance to the Guest Chambers, Brann will offer the first bonus objective. This can completed now or ignored completely.

Speaking to Barnes:

Once tonight’s performance is done, I can rest. I’ve already told the Master that he can find a new stage manager if he insists on these harebrained spectacles as entertainment.

Why did I leave Lordaeron for this ruin? At least the nobles there had a sense of drama!

Upon defeating the Opera event, Barnes will be put to rest. Additionally, Berthold will appear at the door exiting the Opera stage.

Berthold says: Lord Kalec has requested your presence. I can take you to him, if you wish.

Speaking to Berthold will teleport the party to the Servant’s Access Door, where Kalecgos is waiting.

Kalecgos says: You’ve done an excellent job putting all these souls to rest.
Kalecgos says: But now we’ve got a big problem on our hands.

Credit for Berthold being put to rest is granted at this point, completing the quest. The players acquire a zone-delimited spell called Berthold’s Ringing Bell, which summons Berthold, who will then teleport the party to any area that they’ve made safe. Locations will unlock progressively as the players clear the phases. To prevent abuse, the spell places an undispellable debuff on the party for five minutes, preventing any party member from summoning Berthold again. 

Kalecgos then offers this quest.

Quest: The Last Testament of Arcanagos

Archmage Alturus, who led the Violet Eye investigation here, left some critical details out of his report. He didn’t say he’d employed a warlock to reanimate the bones of Arcanagos in order to access a fragment of Medivh’s essence.

This is the kind of reckless use of magic that prompted my father to start the Nexus War, you know.

The essence of ‘Nightbane’ needs to be destroyed. Left unchecked, he could reconstitute and use all of the corpses wrapped up in Karazhan to jumpstart a new Scourge.

Picture the Lich King, only as a giant flaming skeletal dragon.

Let’s stop that nightmare before it even starts.

Objective: Investigate the Master’s Terrace.

Upon approaching the Blackened Urn, Kalecgos stops.

Kalecgos says: This urn is like a lich’s phylactery.
Kalecgos says: Who just leaves this sitting on a terrace? It’s not a flowerpot!
Kalecgos says: I will have to concentrate in order to contain this dark magic. Keep watch!

As Kalecgos begins to cast his spell, the smell of brimstone fills the air…

Kalecgos yells: What? He’s already reformed!
Kalecgos yells: Brother! I’m so sorry!
Nightbane yells: Brother? I am no longer that weak and fleshbound fool who came here long ago!
Nightbane yells: I am the dracolich! I will bathe this world in fire and death, starting with you, “brother”!

Raid Warning: Defeat Nightbane before Kalecgos’ shield fails!

Upon defeating Nightbane:

Kalecgos says: It is finished!
The blackened urn disintegrates.
Kalecgos says: Arcanagos… please, if you can hear me, be at peace. Our father would be proud of you.
Kalecgos says: That was… exhausting. But our work is only starting.
Kalecgos says: Head up the Broken Stair to the Menagerie. I’ll join you shortly.
Kalecgos says: There may be some lingering spirits, but it’s nothing you can’t handle after all that.

Portfolio: The Legend of the Tower
Previous phase: Lead-in Quests
Bonus Objective: Meeting with the Maiden
Next phase: Needles in the Stacks


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