Phase 0: Lead-in Quests

These two quests act as breadcrumbs leading players to begin the campaign.

Horde: Trolls Don’t Mend Fences, But…

Start: Vol’jin (Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar)

T’anks fo’ comin’, hero. I got a task for ya.

Mebbe ya know dat Garrosh sent his goons ta steal da Focusin’ Iris from da blue dragons, and from dat made da Mana-Bomb dat blew up Theramore. Mebbe ya know dat there not many dragons left.

Dere be an ol’ troll sayin’: nevah stay on a dragon’s bad side.

I hear dat Kalecgos be investigatin’ dat old tower in Deadwind Pass. I be needin’ ya ta go offer ya assistance.

<Vol’jin chuckles.>

D’en mebbe Kalecgos can keep his woman from blowin’ us up, heh heh…

End: Kalecgos (Karazhan, Deadwind Pass)

You’re not who I expected to see here. However, I’m willing to accept your help.

Keep this in mind: this is an opportunity for the Horde to mend fences and be a part of this world. It doesn’t serve anyone’s interests to hold grudges, but a poor showing from you during this investigation will have consequences for you and your new warchief.

I hate to treat you heroes as petulant children, but I’m not naive enough to just dismiss the memory of Garrosh’ crimes so easily. I want your best. Do not disappoint me.

Alliance:  The Mystery of the Tower

Start: King Varian Wrynn (Stormwind Keep, Stormwind)

I have a favor to ask.

After Theramore, we discovered that the Mana-Bomb was centered around the Focusing Iris, which was stolen by Garrosh’ minions from the Blue Dragonflight. Since then, Kalecgos has labored to secure many other magical artifacts and places of power known to the dragons.

He’s requested our help investigating the tower of Karazhan in Deadwind Pass, the former home of the Magus Medivh.

Go and help Kalecgos, my friend. If something good can be drawn from that tower, it might help undo all the damage that Medivh did to our world.

End: Kalecgos (Karazhan, Deadwind Pass)

Thank you for coming. We’ll need all the help we can get.

Let’s be clear, however: this investigation isn’t about finding magical weaponry or secrets for the Alliance to use in their grudge match with the Horde. I want to ensure that no more of the Blue Dragonflight’s secrets can be used like the Focusing Iris was used. Even if I’m no longer the Aspect of Magic, I still have a responsibility to safeguard this world.

And if that means destroying potential weapons, I will do so gladly.

Let’s get started.

Portfolio: The Legend of the Tower
Next phase: The Last Testament of Arcanagos


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