Final Phase: Good Night, Sweet Prince

(Triggered after completing the previous quest.)

(Echo of Medivh offers the following quest.)

Quest: Good Night, Sweet Prince

Even with the Titan defenses, I cannot shut the portal. The prince has tied his essence into the magic that he’s using to keep the portal open. Our only recourse is to pass through the portal and defeat the prince on his own turf!

I can open the portal just enough to let you through. I will send through whatever help I can, but you must defeat the prince!

Objective: Defeat Prince Malchezzar.

[There is one critical change in the Malchezzar encounter: he summons waves of Infernals rather than one at a time, but for the first 3-5 waves, they’re intercepted before they can hit the ground, allowing the party to continue fighting against Malchezzar without having to worry about them.]

[When a wave of Netherspite Infernals descends, one of your allies joins the fight and neutralizes them. They appear in random order, though the Maiden of Virtue and Ythyar only appear if you completed their respective bonus objectives:]

Chromie appears and stops time around the Infernals!
Chromie yells: I can hold these guys off for a short time! Take care of the Prince quickly!

Kalecgos appears and contains the Infernals in arcane shells!
Kalecgos yells: My shields will contain them for now! Focus on the Prince!

Tyrigosa [as a dragon] appears and freezes the Infernals in mystic ice!
Tyrigosa yells: This won’t hold them for long! Finish the fight, heroes!

Maiden of Virtue appears!
Maiden of Virtue yells: Demonic presence detected. Countermeasures engaged.
Arcane Guardians appear and destroy the Infernals as they land!

Ythyar appears!
Ythyar yells: What do you know, an Eredar prince!
Ythyar yells: And a legion of infernals? Perfect for my collection!
The Infernals vanish into a flurry of ethereal void zones!

Upon completion:

Kalecgos says: We’ve done it! Quickly, back through the portal!

Back on the pinnacle of the tower, the Echo of Medivh, Kalecgos, Tyrigosa, Chromie, Brann, Berthold, and Ythyar [if his objective was completed] are all present:

Echo of Medivh: The portal is closed. With the Titan defenses active, none of the Guardian’s wards can fail.
Echo of Medivh: If the Guardian himself were here, I’m certain he would be proud of you all.
Echo of Medivh: Farewell, heroes.
Echo of Medivh fades.
Kalecgos says: Well, now that we’ve saved Azeroth from certain destruction again…
Kalecgos says: … who wants to help me catalogue all of the magical artifacts in this place?
Tyrigosa says: I think I hear the Dragonqueen calling me for something urgent.
Tyrigosa teleports away.
Chromie says: Did I leave the oven on?
Chromie teleports away.
Ythyar says: I’m only interested if I can take a selection for sale.
Kalecgos says: Absolutely not!
Ythyar shrugs and teleports away.
Brann says: Love to, laddie, but I’ve met me quota for death-defying heroics for one day.
Brann walks to the landing, summons his flying machine, and departs.
Berthold says: Shall I bring up some tea, Lord Kalec?
Kalecgos sighs.
Kalecgos says: That would be lovely Berthold. Thank you.

[Berthold will offer his transport options to the player at this point.]

(Kalecgos offers the following quest.)

Quest: Mysteries of the Tower: Solved!

Well, this certainly exceeded all of my expectations. I just thought to find a trove of magical artifacts that needed to be protected or destroyed, not a threat to the whole world!

We could not have done any of this without your help, champion. It will take some time to get the tower back into order, but now that Karazhan is safe, we can begin to unlock its secrets for the betterment of all the races of Azeroth.

The Blue Dragonflight is in your debt.


<You discover a softly-glowing ember in your backpack.>

[The player is rewarded Nightbane’s Dying Ember upon completion.]

[Nightbane’s Dying Ember]
Use: Adds the Flamewrought Skeletal Drake (a mountable drake version of Nightbane) to your mount collection.

Portfolio: The Legend of the Tower
Previous phase: The Time-Lost Legion
Previous Bonus Objective: Ythyar’s Betrayal



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