Bonus Objective 2: Ythyar’s Betrayal

(Triggered if the players speak to Ythyar and select the first gossip option.)

(Ythyar offers the following quest.)

Quest: Well, This Is Awkward…

You know, I told the Nexus-Prince that this temporal anomaly was too unstable for us. And now here we are, stuck in the past, with a bunch of the local fleshlings running around like an angry mob.

I’m sure you have questions. I can provide answers, for a price.

You passed a room earlier with an overgrown nether-lizard in it, right? Bring me the eyepiece from the telescope and I’ll tell you whatever you’d like.

When you approach the Observatory:

Tyrigosa says: There’s something strange in that room. It might be how the ethereals got in.

Upon entering the room, Tyrigosa collapses, and the wisps that flew out of her earlier appear and coalesce, forming into Netherspite.

Tyrigosa gasps for air.
Tyrigosa whispers: … help…

Objective: Defeat Netherspite to revive Tyrigosa!

Upon defeating Netherspite, Tyrigosa stands up.

Tyrigosa says: I don’t understand. How did a nether dragon get here?
Tyrigosa says: I spent a long time with the nether dragons in Outland…
Tyrigosa says: …could it be that I was carrying some of their essence with me?
Tyrigosa says: Nothing about this place makes any sense.


At last, something to make this whole venture profitable. Azerothian relics are rather common these days, by-and-large, but this item is truly unique.

Which might make up for you fleshlings butchering the rest of my crew.

<Ythyar pauses for a moment, then sighs.>

That was a joke. They were a bunch of amateurs. I’d have killed them myself before leaving just to prove a point to the Nexus-Prince.

But now, let’s get down to business. Ask your questions.

Gossip options:

  •  What do you mean by ‘stuck in the past’?

Without going into a exhaustive lesson in temporal mechanics, I’ll keep it simple for you: I am from your future. Or a possible future, perhaps. This tower is wrapped in a temporal anomaly of some kind. Probably some uninformed bit of raw magic, cast by an apprentice in the right place at the right time.

And ‘stuck’ is an exaggeration. I can get out of here anytime. Especially if I’m not burdened by the moron brigade you so graciously put to rest. My thanks.

  •  Why did you come here?

The Nexus-Prince wanted us to capture that nether dragon. In our time, all of the dragons, in all of the realities we can access, have been destroyed. It’s been his life’s ambition to finally bring them back into the present, since he’d make a fortune of fortunes. I’m so terribly upset that you had to kill it.

If I had your fleshy tear-ducts, I assure you there would be tears. Big ones.

  • …but there wasn’t a dragon in that room before we showed up…

<Ythyar speaks in a sing-song voice.>

  • Can you tell us anything about the future?

I could, but what would be the point? Telling you of a future event might prevent it, but it might also be the catalyst that causes that event. Causality can be funny in that way. If you really want to know your future and want to part with your money, consult a prophet.

You still have those, don’t you?

  •  Do you know anything about the demonic presence in the tower?

I certainly didn’t bring any demons with me. It is, of course, entirely possible that the temporal anomaly that allowed us access to this tower in my time might have offered access to some demon at some time. Maybe from the past, maybe from the future. Who knows?

If I felt like plumbing the depths of the mystery, I’d be able to tell you more, but I don’t expect a positive return-on-investment.

  •  (unlocked after all other gossip options have been used) I have more questions…

I’m sure you do! Sadly, I’ve given you all the information that acquiring this eyepiece for me is worth. There’s nothing else in this ruin of any worth to me, unfortunately. I will cheerfully give you market value for any goods you’re interested in fencing, but information costs a premium, and you no longer have anything I want.

<Ythyar pauses.>

… unless one of you is a dragon in disguise, I suppose.

[If the last dialogue option was selected:]

Ythyar says: Well, as soon as you’re done selling me any goods of interest, I shall take my leave.
Ythyar says: … are you certain you haven’t seen any live dragons about? They can take disguises, you know.
Tyrigosa whispers: Not. A. Word.

[The player will receive in-game mail from Ythyar with the following message:]

Dear Adorable Fleshling,

Thank you so much for your assistance within Karazhan! I made such a profit from selling that eyepiece you found for me that I felt I needed to give you a greater reward.

Enjoy this ethereal mongrel! I promise he’s housebroken.

That’s a lie by the way.

Warmest regards,

[Attached is the Ethereal Pug Beacon.]

[Ethereal Pug Beacon]
Use: Teaches you how to summon the Ethereal Pug companion pet.


Portfolio: The Legend of the Tower
Previous phase: Breadcrumbs in Time
Previous Bonus Objective: Meeting with the Maiden
Next phase: The Time-Lost Legion


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