About Crow

So, a bit of context is important.

I’ve got a lot of thoughts about the World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing the game pretty consistently since late 2005 (yes, I was a bit late to the show, for various reasons I can discuss later) and, combined with a love of pen-and-paper RPGS, an extensive and sordid history with the Final Fantasy series, and an overall developed sense of attention-to-detail in games, I’ve consequently developed a lot of particular opinions about the game, both from a systems perspective and from a narrative perspective.

These opinions inform my ideas about how I would design the WoW game, if the stars aligned to create a new alternate universe in which I was the Supreme Intelligence driving the creative impulses of the many talented folk at Blizzard. I feel it’s important to point out that I have a lot of respect for Blizzard, and my ideas here aren’t meant to say “you guys did it wrong” but instead saying “here’s how I would have done it.”

A couple other getting-to-know-you notes:

  • I am currently a stay-at-home father, though past careers include front-line technical support, application development, IT contracting, and an all-too-brief stint as story designer for a particular game property. More about my non-WoW life can be found on my personal blog, EVERYTHING/NOTHING.
  • I am a PVE player. I have only very occasionally dipped my toe into PVP, mainly because I play a priest and priests are historically quite squishy.
  • Within the context of PVE, I previously enjoyed a spot in normal mode/friends & family raiding. I respect that heroic raiding has got a place in this game, but I recognize that it, like PVP, isn’t content that I really have a taste for.
  • As mentioned (and as might be obvious from the title) my main is a Shadow Priest. However, I like keeping a stable of alts, so I’ve got a lot of exposure to almost every class in the game, on both factions, at many various points throughout the game’s design history.

Even if the story of WoW isn’t especially nuanced, even if the graphics are a little outdated and the systems are a bit clunky in their execution, my love for this game hinges on watching it grow and develop over time. And the best way I can think of to pay tribute to that, short of getting a job with Blizzard, is to throw down a remix and demonstrate how I’d do it.

I hope you enjoy the mix. ^_^


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