Preface: Again, because “necrophotic” has a bad habit of deleting all of his tweets, I’m keeping a running tally here for posterity. I’ve strung complete statements together where feasible (especially because the tweet chain’s inherent reply structure is fucky because this guy doesn’t know how to properly propagate string tweets together). In other words: Cassandra, ignore this post. I can explain later if you’d like.


necrophotic: Actually, I do. You’re just stating that warlocks aren’t necromancers using the faulty basis that the first warlock – as a warlock – isn’t a necromancer. You blatanly said something that isn’t true. That is literally lying.

Crow: You’re choosing to operate under the notion that because the first warlock was a necromancer, that means all warlocks are too.

necro: Yeah I am. Common sense kiddo. If the first warlock is a necromancer AS A WARLOCK, of course all warlocks are necromancers.

Crow: That’s not the TRUTH of the thing, that’s just your opinion that you’re constantly reiterating as fact.

necro: Now you’re just trolling. No I am not.

Crow: Warlocks don’t get their power from the original warlock. In WoW, that’s not how their power works. They get their power from fel energy. That, right there, is truth. (Sidebar: In other news, you need to stop thinking that “common sense” is a thing you can apply broadly. It’s a localized effect. “Don’t use that road, it gets flooded when it rains” is common sense. “Nugget of one videogame’s lore” is not common sense.)

necro: I didn’t say they get their power from the first warlock. Don’t try to twist my words. They got their abilities from the first warlock.

Crow: Please explain the difference. (NOTE: he doesn’t explain the difference.)

necro: And don’t say they get their power from fel energy. One of the first definitions of fel energy was given to the public when Chris defined it as ESSENTIALLY death energy

Crow: And that definition has been refined and delineated more strongly by Blizzard since that quote. You’re operating on archaic lore.

necro: Refined? You mean retconed. As far as I’m aware of, Chris retconed death energy being death energy and is just a coked up alcoholic whose retcons does not change the fact that the Chronicle establishes that the first orc warlock used necromantic energies

necro: You claim to be reasonable, but you’re arguing that all orc warlocks aren’t necromancers using the faulty basis that the first orc warlock – as a warlock – isn’t a necromancer and the faulty basis that all orc warlocks don’t do what the first orc warlock did as a warlock

Crow: Chronicles vol 2, page 68. No mention of necromancy or death energies. Kil’jaeden taught Gul’dan the use of fel magic, making him a warlock.

necro: Nonexistent page: No where does it state that Kil’jaeden isn’t a necromancer with the goal of necromancers and transforms orcs into warlocks for a specific necromantic purpose. No where does Chronicle state warlocks are the masters of chaos, demons, or shadow

Crow: … you literally just made something up when the facts presented proved you wrong.

necro: There you go. Lying again. The facts actually prove me right. Canon material outside of the Chronicle establishes that Kil’jaeden is a necromancer but of course being the liar you are, you’d say that warlocks aren’t necromancers using the faulty basis that the first warlock isn’t a necromancer as a warlock and that all warlocks don’t do what the first warlock did as a warlock. Also, the Chronicle establishes that Gul’dan formed the necrolytes with Kil’jaeden’s help, sacrificed them, and use their necromantic energies. But of course you’d say Gul’dan – as a warlock – isn’t a necromancer.

necro: You act as if Gul’dan wasn’t a necromancer who would betray his people, sacrifice their souls to the devil, decay his world with fel[…]

*** sidebar ***

Crow: Sidenote: Necrolytes are mentioned in a sidebar in Chronicle, but not their sacrifice. Unless you have a page number for it.

necro: Chronicle pg. 424 – 425 on Ibooks

Crow: Can you cite the chapter and heading it’s under then? I have the print copies.

*** sidebar ended ***

necro: […]energies, merrily skip through a portal to cheat a slow death on his world, and sacrifice his necrolytes that followed him during his quest[…] <– this tweet was subsequently deleted

Crow: Gul’dan being both a necromancer AND a warlock doesn’t mean all warlocks are also necromancers.

necro: And that is why you’re a liar who fails at reasoning. The first warlock – as a warlock – is a necromancer. If warlocks aren’t necromancers, they cannot have necromantic abilities and practice necromancy. If warlocks – as warlocks – have necromantic abilities but aren’t necromancers, blizzard employees are liars who are giving warlocks abilities that warlock shouldn’t/don’t really have because necromancers have necromantic abilities

necro: Seriously. Why are you acting as if warlocks aren’t necromancers who would betray their own people Gul’dan-style, bring their world or its inhabitants to a state of oblivion, open a dark portal to cheat death on some world being decayed by fel energies, make but an insignificant – a necrolyte or two, and use the animating energies of ritually sacrificed things to animate the dead Gul’dan-style? We had this debate about warlocks being dark and power-addicted, yet you act as if warlocks aren’t dark or power addicted enough to do what Gul’dan did? Gul’dan was not the master of demonic creatures. He, as a warlock, did not have a demonic army fighting against those demons who tore him to shreds, so why you and others act like warlocks are the masters of demons just because roleplayable warlocks are described as such is.. IDK. The Chronicle and other sources established that Gul’dan sought to gain godhood from a demon lord and was essentially a demon Worshipper. He was a necromancer, but he did not have the ability to sacrifice demons and use their energies to reanimate death knights

Crow: Okay, sorry for the delay here, but there’s a lot to unpack. You seem to be arguing that warlocks are necromancers solely b/c Gul’dan created the necrolytes and later the death knights. You also seem to be arguing that Gul’dan’s particular brand of villainy also makes people necromancers.

necro: I’m arguing that all orc warlocks are necromancers because the first orc warlock was a necromancer. You know, he didn’t form the necrolytes as a warlock and so they have a specific purpose to a warlock. They are/were literally his followers and aided him. Are you seriously telling me that warlocks aren’t necromancers whose goal is the goal of Gul’dan?
Crow: And seem to have settled on the notion that Gul’dan was really just a demon-worshipping necromancer and not a warlock at all. Like I want to make sure that’s what you’re saying before going on.
necro: Ummm. You seem confused. I cannot know Chris’ definiton of a warlock if he says there are exceptions to the rule, acting as if all orc warlocks don’t do what the first orc warlock did as a warlock. It seems as if you’re arguing that all orc warlocks aren’t necromancers using the faulty basis that the first orc warlock wasn’t a necromancer and that all orc warlocks didn’t ultimately get their practices from Gul’dan. And what I mean by that is that those orcs who became the first warlocks obviously had to be trained by Gul’dan since he was the the first. And it’s not as if Gul’dan’s goal, identity, and practices as a warlock changed the moment he stepped through the dark portal.
necro: A warlock is a warlock and that will always be a constant no matter how many times Chris Mermen retcons lore. His Chronicle does 180s […] It establishes that Gul’dan’s lust for power was second to his fear of Kil’jaeden and that he sought to gain godhood from the demon lord. Then it established that Gul’dan betrayed Kil’jeaden and was still a warlock.
Crow: At different points in this conversation, you’ve asserted that Metzen’s word is the basis for what warlocks are but also that he’s “a coked-out alcoholic” was how you put it, which implies his word isn’t reliable. You’ve also appealed to Chronicle as a basis but also decried it as a series of retcons. If neither the creator nor his bible are reliable bases from which to establish truth, what IS truth?

necro: I don’t know. You tell me. I’m not the unfair jerk who literally says there are exceptions to the rule, pretending that all orc warlocks don’t do what the first orc warlock did as a warlock.

Crow: The most recent version of the canon is the most reliable version of the canon, b/c it most accurately reflects the intent of the creators. So, it’s not a matter of Metzen being infallible, or of Chronicle being immutable, but of Chronicle being the most recent edition.

necro: That’s literally who a Blizzard employee is by definition.

Crow: wait, what?

necro: It’s literally a matter of Blizzard employees being deceivers whose Chronicle establishes things about a warlock, defining him, then establishes something that goes against its own definition.

Crow: If you think iteration is deceit, I’m not really sure what to tell you.

necro: Deceits are blatantly told lies and they are what Blizzard employes tell. This is a fact. They would literally say that all orc warlocks don’t do what the first warlock did as a warlock.

Crow: Well, I think we’ve made some excellent progress today. You’re upset that Blizzard iterated on their own story in a manner you disliked.

necro: I don’t think we did. You still seem to believe that the first orc warlocks didn’t get their abilities from Gul’dan, who literally formed the necrolytes and practiced necromancy as a warlock. I’m upset that Blizzard established that the first warlock is a necromancer, but would act as if all orc warlocks don’t do what the first Warlock did as a warlock. I’m upset because they gave roleplayable warlocks slight variations on 3/4 abilities belonging to the necrolytes of warcraft 1, but would say that the roleplayable warlocks aren’t necromancers who cannot raise the dead. I’m upset because they took the role-playable warlocks death coil spell and left them as joke necromancers who cannot bring living beings to a state of oblivion[.]

necro: Do you know whose a trustworthy source? Someone who DOESN’T claim that Gul’dan sought to gain godhood from Kil’jaeden ALL THE WHILE mantaining that Gul’dan didn’t believe Kil’jaeden wasn’t a god who has godhood to give. Someone who doesn’t say that all orc warlocks don’t do what the first warlock did as a warlock.

Crow: Unless that person is Blizzard’s head of lore, or a writer within CDev working on WoW lore, or a quest writer on WoW, they’re not a source.

necro: Okay. Well we’re fucked

Crow: Well quite simply, you’re the one who’s fucked. Writers get to write what they want, and Blizzard is “the writer” of Warcraft’s lore. As a writer, it would be hypocritical of me to say they should warp their design to suit my tastes when I wouldn’t do the same thing.

necro: Sorry for the QQ but this is to much. Warlocks aren’t necromancers or necromancers aren’t warlocks who would decay their world with fel energy then cheat death on their world by skipping through a demonic fel portal? Did WC1 even happen?

Crow: The broad strokes of it happened, but the details have been refined to suit the story that was developed later. That’s design iteration.

necro: Except their literally liars who would say that warlocks can practice necromancy without being necromancers

Media preview

necro: You can see their intent from w1until today. Even if warlocks use the power of some underworld that can be defined as the world of the dead when regarding to real, warlocks aren’t treated as necromancers who use the necromantic power of the underworld (Helheim lol). WC, it’s just so full of deceits.



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