Sylvanas: Sister. You look well.

Alleria: I can’t say the same about you. Sylvanas, what happened to you? How could you lead the Horde?

Sylvanas: What has Little Moon been telling you?

Alleria: Enough to know that you’ve turned your back on your people.

Sylvanas: Would you believe me if I told you that the Horde we fought was nothing compared to what came afterward? That everything that I’ve done has been in the name of protecting my people?

Alleria: Explain yourself.

Sylvanas: I am not a child for you to makes demands of.

Alleria: Leading an army of savages and corpses does not give you authority, Sylvanas! I left Quel’Thalas in your hands!

Sylvanas: Did you expect me to do more than die for Quel’Thalas, sister? That is what I did! And that was just the beginning of my suffering, of my curse. You know nothing of what I’ve had to endure!

Sylvanas: You say you’ve been fighting the Legion for a thousand years. I have been fighting their weapons since before you left; the Horde, the Scourge, Prince Kael’thas… and when your Grand Alliance could have aided us, it was THEY who turned their backs on OUR PEOPLE.

Sylvanas: A thousand years have done nothing to change you, sister. Never an eye for anything other than your prey, never a glance backward at what is left in your wake. Your disregard would break my heart if it could still beat.

Sylvanas: So save your demands. If it takes becoming your target for you to pay attention, then so be it.

Sylvanas: *stalks out*

Alleria: … so some part of my sister is still there, within that monster.

*meanwhile, outside*

Nathanos Marris: *glowers at Turalyon*

Turalyon: *glowers at Nathanos*

Nathanos Marris: *glowers at Turalyon*

Turalyon: *glowers at Nathanos*

Sylvanas: *emerges from room* We’re leaving.

Nathanos Marris: *to Turalyon* Good talk.

Turalyon: *to Nathanos* Indeed.



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