Here’s the elevator pitch: “Hey, you remember Grimoire of Sacrifice back when it gave you new abilities for nomming your demon? Oh, and also remember when Warlocks had a glyph that kinda turned Metamorphosis into a tanking stance? Well, those two concepts got together in my head and a nasty, nasty baby.”

Concept/Fantasy: Monstrosity (Tank)

The Council of the Black Harvest continues to co-opt the power of the enemies that threaten Azeroth in order to use them against future threats. A new innovation involves mixing some of those destructive powers together in ways previously unforeseen. This has led to the creation of a spell that allows a warlock to blend the corrupting powers of the Void, the nightmarish resilience of the Old Gods, and the destructive power of the fel and transform into an abomination dubbed the “shadow hulk.” This monstrosity is voracious for the essence of enemy forces, consuming everything in its path.

While a shadow hulk, the warlock doesn’t have a permanent demon out. Instead, she consumes the demon in order to gain an additional ability, offering a number of choices suited for different situations. Now, summoning demons is still a thing, so if you pick a talent that summons a demon, they can do their thing and you’ve still got your ability, but you can choose to consume them before they expire and switch to a new ability.

The key for the shadow hulk is dealing a LOT of damage in order to turn it into big absorption shields via the Soul Leech passive. It’s not capped at a percentage of the warlock’s max health for Monstrosity, so you can accumulate some huge shields, but they’re still only temporary, so it’s going to depend a lot on using your damage cooldowns to time your mitigation right. So this is a very aggressive, high-risk, high-reward tank that will always want at least one target to feed off of.

Warlock (Monstrosity) TL;DR

  • turn into an infernal tentacle hulk to do battle
  • use a mix of shadow, fel, and fire spells to tank enemies
  • replenishing absorbs are the key source of damage mitigation

Shadow Hulk
Transform into a Shadow Hulk, increasing your Armor by x% of your Intellect and altering many of your abilities. While a Shadow Hulk, the size of absorption shields generated by Soul Leech are no longer capped at 15% of your max health.

Replaced Abilities

Shadow Bolt –> Voidfire Bolt
Taunt + Damage

Banish –> Devour
Costs 1 Soul Shard. Target Demon, Aberration, or Elemental is unable to take any action for 30s and is immune to damage. Your single-target damage is increased by 10% during Devour and for an additional 30s after Devour expires or is cancelled.

Command Demon –> Consume Demon
Consume your active demon, gaining a different ability based on which demon is consumed. Lasts 1 hour or until another demon is consumed.

  • Imp –> Sear Wounds (deal 5% of total health in damage to restore 25% health over 10s, 6s CD)
  • Voidwalker –> Empowered Shadow Bulwark (gain an absorption shield equal to 30% of total health for 6s)
  • Succubus –> All-Consuming Ecstasy (seduces a Humanoid target and deals x damage every 3s. Any OTHER damage dealt breaks the effect)
  • Felhunter –> Inhale Magic (interrupt a target’s spellcasting, preventing casting from that school for 6s. The next spell from that school that hits you deals 50% less damage)
  • Doomguard –> Ingest Magic (consume the next offensive spell cast against you, gain an absorption shield based on the damage that would have been dealt)
  • Infernal –> Shadowflame Aura (deal AoE Shadowflame damage to all enemies within 8 yards, but take 1% total health in damage every 3s while the aura is active. Lasts until cancelled)
  • … and there needs to be some kind of fallback ability for when you consume any other random demon you’ve enslaved.

New Abilities

Grasping Tendrils 
Target area erupts with tentacles, slowing the movement speed of enemies in the area by 50% and preventing them from leaving the area while the effect persists. Lasts 6s.

Burrow through the ground, exploding upward at the targeted area. Deal X damage to targets within the area and taunt them for 2s.

Felfire Drill 
Deal x damage to the target (Targets within 2 yards of your primary target take 50% of this damage). Applies a debuff to the primary target increasing Shadow damage taken by 20% for 6s.


Tier 3-3: Paralyzing Tendrils: Grasping Tendrils now stuns targets for 6s. Enemies that die while while Grasping Tendrils is active cause you to generate a Soul Shard.

Tier 4-2: Sinister Feast
Devour no longer costs a Soul Shard to cast. While Devour is active on a target, you have a chance to gain a free Soul Shard once every 5s.

Tier 4-3: Soul Harvest
Increases your damage and your pets’ damage by 20%. Lasts 15s, increased by 2s for each target affected by your Grasping Tendrils, to a maximum of 35s.

Tier 5-3: Unending Arrogance
Unending Resolve’s damage reduction is increased to 50%. During Unending Resolve, if an attack would deal less than 5% of your maximum health in damage, the damage is ignored.

Tier 6-1: Grimoire of Sustenance
Passive: Your healing and absorbs are improved by 20%
Active: All healing and absorbs received are improved by 40% for 10s. 1m CD.

Tier 6-3: Grimoire of Symbiosis
Passive: Amplify the damage, healing, and absorb effects of abilities gained by Consume Demon by 50%.

Tier 7-1: Harvester’s Homunculi
Costs 1 Soul Shard. Place a Homunculus on a nearby ally. Damage done by that ally provides you an absorption shield equal to 20% of the damage done for 15s. The Homunculus lasts 1m, but also fades if the ally dies or is further than 20 yards away for more than 5s. Limit 3 Homunculi.

Tier 7-2: Infernal Armory
Consumes all of your Soul Shards. For each Soul Shard consumed, a nearby ally gains Infernal Armaments, increasing their damage by 25% for 10s. The Infernal Armory persists for 30s. You cannot regain Soul Shards while Infernal Armory is active; any effect that would grant you a Soul Shard instead grants Infernal Armaments to another ally, to an upper limit of 10. 10m CD.

Mastery: Hulk’s Assimilation
Your spell casts, melee strikes, and killing blows have a chance to increase your Leech to 500% + Mastery% for 6s. Trigger chance increases based on Mastery.

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This is what I do folks, this is my art

(words inspired by the art and earnest wonderfulness of Faebelina)

EXT – Wooded Cliffside. SKYCALLER FAEBELINA sits on the cliff, wind in her hair, smiling contentedly. SOMEONE haughtily clears her throat off-screen.

Faeb says: “?”

A GOBLIN appears. She is wearing shaman’s robes and has a rock in her hand. The ROCK appears to have a crude face scrawled on it with charcoal.

Goblin says: “I’m Glitzy Glimmerrock, acquisitions expert of the Earthen Ring! And YOU my friend are sitting on some parTICularly valuable merchandise!”

Faeb says: “What do you mean? It’s just this cliff underneath me.”

Glitzy holds up the Rock and says: “Well my friend here, this earth elemental, says that a vein of corrupted gold is centered on this cliff-face.”

Faeb says: “Forgive me for being suspicious, but goblins love blowing up landscapes for fun and profit and it looks like you just drew a face on that rock.”


Glitzy says: “And the fact that I’ll make a killing selling the gold as ingots in Undermine is entirely coincidental!”

Faeb says: “what?”
Allochthon says: “what?”
Glitzy says: “what?”