Here’s how I’m trying to do Kanrethad:

First off, let’s have a link to the warlock I’m using for this fight:

Talent/Glyph choices:

  • Soul Leech for the absorb, Sacrifical Pact to soak Chaos Bolts if I’m not in a position to LoS them.
  • Mortal Coil for the bonus heal.
  • Unbound Will as a last resort to clear magic debuffs if I’m not positioned for Fel Flame and Singe Magic is on CD.
  • GrimSac because DUH.
  • Kil’jaeden’s Cunning for Incinerate spam on the move, but I’m awful at casting while moving.
  • Siphon Life so that imp phases let me get topped off. Unending Resolve because stacking it with SacPact is excessive and I haven’t got enough keybinds. Fear so that I can get the Pit Lord to just stand there instead of having to watch for the fear to break and wait for him to get in range for Enslave.

Buffs: Using a Flask of the Warm Sun, stocked up with Potions of the Jade Serpent. Dark Intent is up, and also using a Drums of Forgotten Kings for 4% stats. Was using Mastery food just for the sake of having a food buff, but am switching to an Intellect food.


  • Burst Macro: Applies Curse of the Elements, buffs me with Dark Soul and uses Drums of Rage. Used on the pull.
  • Enslave Macro: Targets/Enslaves the Pit Lord and re-targets Kanrethad. (Have a Fear macro that does the same thing.)
  • Banish Macro: Targets/Banishes the Doom Lord and re-targets Kanrethad.
  • OHSHIT Macro: Uses Sacrificial Pact and Twilight Ward.
  • Purge Macro: Uses Unbound Will and Singe Magic.
  • Heal Macro: Uses Ember Tab, Pit Lord’s Demonic Siphon, and Healthstone.
  • Havoc Macro: Sets a skull on my target, pops Dark Soul and Havoc.
  • Fel Breath: Uses Pit Lord’s Fel Flame Breath (targeted @player so it should aim at me if I’m in range) and Demonic Siphon.

Positioning: Using this set-up, even though the bulk of my attempts have been done without using an LoS strategy.


At 1s before the pull, I pop a potion. As soon as he’s targetable, I use the Burst Macro and pull out the Doomguard. Immolate is the first spell I cast, followed by Rain of Fire, Conflagrate, 3x Incinerate, and just doing the standard rotation from there, stocking up on embers. I keep casting right up until the Pit Lord spawns, then he gets feared and I keep DPSing Kanrethad. After a couple more rotations I GrimSac the Imp and Enslave the Pit Lord, then CTRL-1 him to start smacking Kanrethad.

Charge the first Curse of Doom cast. Purge debuffs as necessary. At this point he is typically down to around 75-80% life, depending on whether or not I had a Doomguard on the attempt.

First Imps: Refresh Immo on Kanrethad, drop a RoF on the portal, target an Imp, Fnb+Immolate, Conflagrate, Incinerate spam. Typically takes 3-5 casts to kill them all, since I tend to start casting before all of them have spawn, hence some don’t have Immolate and last a bit longer. If I’m lucky enough to pull off a Shadowburn to get some embers back, great. First Cataclysm cast typically happens around here: I charge up a CB, Charge him with the Pit Lord, and then try and get another CB in there while he’s stunned.

First Felhunters: Move the Pit Lord to safety, start up RoFs on the portal, use the Havoc macro on the first Felhunter to come out and then cast a CB on the second. Sometimes I’m able to knock off those first two in a lucky crit, but it’s not often. If I’ve got an imp on my shoulder, very good chance my cast gets interrupted, meaning the Felhunters stay up long and nom through my health such that when Kanrethad throws his Chaos Bolt at me, SacPact/TwiWard aren’t enough for me to soak it. LoSing it is a possibility, but that just interrupts my DPS on the Felhunter(s) and increases the likelihood that their Devour clears the Pit Lord’s Enslave early. It’s been very inconsistent, which is why I’m constantly tripping over the Felhunter phases.

Doom Lord: Refresh Immo. Dismiss the Pit Lord during Kan’s cast and re-up the Enslave. Banish the Doom Lord once he spawns. Free DPS until the next imp phase. If I get to this phase, he’s typically around 40%.

Second Imps plays the same as the first, but the additional management of keeping the Doom Lord banished can cause a panic.

Second Felhunters never goes as smoothly as the first, if I even get past the first. I’ve never gotten past this second phase, and the lowest I’ve got him healthwise is 25%.

So, any suggestions?