Community Blog Topic: Wrath of The Pitch King

Robin Torres wants to know what I’d pitch as a dream expansion.

World of Warcraft: Scarabs of the Black Empire

Opening Event: Messengers from the Ramkahen report that there are strange rumblings south of the Scarab Wall in Silithus. Investigating the Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj, adventurers discover the gateway to a monstrous new hive of the Silithid, the entrance to which is guarded by… wait, Nerubians? And Mantid? And led by a Qiraji prophet? What the hell is going on?

The greatest elders of the Tol’vir, investigating the ruins of the Titan facility with the help of Brann Bronzebeard, discover the truth; the true progenitor of the Aqir, an Old God called Shur-Narqoth, was sealed within the depths of the earth by the Titans. Shur-Narqoth was the last of the Old Gods to be defeated, and the most elusive, which is why the Titans buried it deeper than all the rest. Only now, after millenia of endless work by the dwindling numbers of the Aqir, Shur-Narqoth’s tomb has been located, and the aqir, united once more after their long sundering, are poised to open it once again. The Horde and Alliance are suddenly beset by great worms erupting from underground, acting as gateways for the Aqir to launch their assault upon the factions’ major cities. All surface-dwelling races recognize the threat of this Black Empire; the Zandalari even supplicate themselves to Warchief Vol’jin, stating that fighting the Aqir once united all trolls together and could do so once again.

Raid Tier 1: 

  • The Black Capitol: The command center of the Scarab Army, where the Qiraji Prophet Kassan and his Vizier Council direct the assault on the surface world.
  • The Thousand Cells: The outlying tiers of Shur-Narqoth’s prison, where its manifold body parts were contained separately to diminish the Old God’s power. With the Titanic defenses diminished, the cells are opening…
  • The Mithril Dragonshrine: The Titans placed the most dangerous Old God under the watchful eye of their most terrifying creations yet: a flight of mechanical dragons modeled after Neltharion, but immune to the Curse of Flesh and incorruptible by the Old Gods. With orders to destroy any living thing that comes within range of the Old God’s prison, the Adamantium Dragons do not discriminate when the heroes of the surface world appear.

First Content Patch: The Old God’s great gambit is revealed! The Aqir lured the heroes of the surface world to the prison in order to force a battle with the Adamantium Dragons, and as such, the Old God’s final jailors are dead! Shur-Narqoth begins to gather strength, and while the Horde and the Alliance gear for the fight of their lives, they are suddenly betrayed; the Zandalari, having struck a deal with the Aqir, launch a surprise attack on the surface world, aided by Queen Azshara’s naga!

Raid Tier 2: 

  • Zandalar, Jewel of the South: Having aided the Aqir in their manipulations, the Zandalari trolls must be stopped. But is the God-King Rastakhan a friend or a foe?

Second Content Patch: Brann Bronzebeard and the Tol’vir have an idea that might defeat Shur-Narqoth: if the Titans’ Re-Origination device can be turned into a weapon, it could be used to destroy the Old God without destroying the rest of the world in the process. A server-wide event to collect materials for and defend the Originator Cannon from an assault by the Aqir is the only way!

Raid Tier 3: 

  • Heart of the Black Emperor: The Black Empire’s most powerful creations launch an all-out attack on the Originator Cannon, but Wrathion appears at the head of a repaired and reprogrammed Adamantium Flight, clearing the path for the heroes of the surface world to breach Shur-Narqoth’s prison, contend with a horde of mantid Paragons and corrupted anubisaths, and present a clear shot for the Cannon to do its work.

Damn, I’m kinda proud of myself.


2 thoughts on “Community Blog Topic: Wrath of The Pitch King

  1. “Damn, I’m kinda proud of myself.”

    You should be. That was pretty cool. And it’s a scenario which doesn’t demand that one side fight for the interests of the other, thouigh clearly there is a joint interest.

    “A server-wide event to collect materials ” Cool idea.

    “The Horde and Alliance are suddenly beset by great worms erupting from underground” Blech! 😉

    All it needs is an excuse for Horde and Alliance to start poking at each other. Maybe the SI:7 “gets wind” of a deeper Troll plot…

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