QUICK MIX: Saturday Night Design Sizzle

What if all of the profession items you had across all the WoW characters on your Battle.Net account were kept in an account-wide space?

Not a bank slot, or void storage, but more like a character stash, as in Diablo 3. Whenever your character taps a mining node, skins a dead mob, gathers herbs, prospects/mills materials, or picks up cloth, it goes into the stash instead of going into your bags.


  • Creates a lot of bag/bank space for characters who keep a large stock of mats.
  • Saves you the trouble of having to mail mats around to your crafting alts.
  • Turns profession materials into more of a currency that you trade for gear, which aligns somewhat with the Justice/Valor systems.


  • Potentially confusing for new/returning players, especially if the UI isn’t clear.
  • What do you do with profession-specific bags? Do they just become normal bags, like when quivers/soul bags were dropped?
  • Could be screwy from a coding standpoint. Does it work cross-faction? Will it work cross-realm?

I want to write something bigger to address this, but I wanted to throw the core concept out there to see what folks thought of it. So, whatcha think?


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